Onchain Equity Protocol

Value: Mint and manage full cap tables on EVM chains. Compliant with U.S. transfer agent regulations.

Who: Serves startups, primary asset issuers, tokenization platforms, and funds.

How: Automates equity issuance and transfer via smart contracts.

What you can do

Crypto Startups: If your startup generates most of its revenue onchain and is setup as a Delaware C Corp, you can mint your cap table entirely onchain. Our smart contracts keep all private information secure.

Export from Carta or Pulley: You'll be able to import your existing cap table into our upcoming product. It's designed as a drop-in replacement for Carta and Pulley, with better UI that's built for crypto.

Transfer Agent Protocol: Lets you run your own performant equity cap table with our open-source protocol.

Launch Timeline

Q4 2023: Reg D and Reg A equity cap tables. Email: alex@poet.network

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